Event Show Location and Directions

Event Show Address:

Tucson Expo Center
3750 E. Irvington Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85714

Event Host Contact Info:

Phone: (213) 629 3030
Fax: (213) 629 3434
Toll Free: 1 877 436 7469
E-mail: info@jogsshow.com

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JOGS Shuttle Roadmap

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Directions from Tucson Airport:

  1. Start out going SOUTHEAST on S TUCSON BLVD. 0.4 miles
  2. Take S TUCSON BLVD toward AIRPORT EXIT. 0.8 miles
  3. Turn RIGHT onto E VALENCIA RD. 1.4 miles
  4. Turn LEFT onto S ALVERNON WAY. 2.0 miles
  5. Turn LEFT onto E IRVINGTON RD. 0.1 miles
  6. Arrive at 3750 E Irvington Rd Tucson, AZ 85714-1958

Directions from I-10 freeway:

  1. Exit #264-B EAST or 264 WEST Irvington/Palo Verde and turn Right onto E. IRVINGTON RD
  2. Arrive at 3750 E. IRVINGTON RD

Directions from Downtown, Tucson

  1. Take S. 6th AVE and go south
  2. Turn left on E. IRVINGTON RD
  3. Arrive at 3750 E. IRVINGTON RD

Driving directions also available here.

Shuttle and Limousine Routes to and from JOGS Show

JOGS Show (Tucson Expo Center) offers over 1,000 free parking spaces for Tucson Gem Show Buyers.

Park at the JOGS Show (Tucson Expo Center) free parking lot, take free shuttles/limousines to the major Show in Tucson:


JOGS Show (Tucson Expo Center) to Holidome/GemMall to Tucson Electric Park and back

LUXURY ROAD (Direct Limo Services)

JOGS Show (Tucson Expo Center) to AGTA GemFaire (Tucson Convention Center) and back

(buyers should show their badges to: AGTA GemFair, GJX Show or G&LW Show)

Amber Road

22nd St. Parking

Contact Us:

Address: 3750 E. Irvington Rd., Tucson, AZ 85714
Billing Agent: 650 South Hill Street, Suite 513
Los Angeles, CA 90014, USA
Phone: (213) 629-3030
Fax: (213) 629-3434
Toll Free: 1-877-GEM-SHOW
Web: www.jogsshow.com

JOGS Show:

JOGS International Exhibits, LLC
3750 E.Irvington Road
Tucson, AZ 85714